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March Garden Humor

Wow! I’ve had this site up for a month already. To celebrate, I am starting a new ‘series’. I love silly jokes — the cornier the better, and who doesn’t love a little garden humor? I think a Gardening Joke of the Month is going to become a necessity on the last day of the month. [...]

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Early Spring Blooms

So you already know that the daffodils have arrived, but what, do you ask, are the other early spring blooms in my garden? The pristine primrose — seriously, they look fake, right? Pretty purple flowers from the ground cover that I’m still working on finding the name for (please ignore the leaves, this was taken [...]

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Accidental Pruning: Hydrangea

My husband was cleaning up the yard the other day, and thought he’d help out with some of the gardening tasks. He accidentally pruned back my hydrangea thinking they were peonies. In case anyone is interested, peonies do not get pruned in the spring either, they get cut down to the ground in the fall. [...]

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Garden Pizza

After work Friday, there was a few more hours of sunlight to clean up some of the yard, before anticipated rain this weekend (there were a few drops, but I wouldn’t classify it as rain). Between cutting away dead oregano, clearing out the dead basil, and pulling up onion grass, my trusty garden gloves smelled [...]

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Book Worm

My mom pulled this brand new book out this weekend to look up something we were talking about. After learning she actually had it for 5 years, and barely looked at it, when she asked if I wanted it, I responded with an enthusiastic, “YES!” SWEET! Looking forward to do a bit of light reading this [...]

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Community Garden – Lessons Learned Y2 (2011)

Just like the first year, I also followed up with a post on Facebook for our second year in the community garden. See below. Posted on August 19, 2011: I know we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the garden yet this year, but I thought I’d still summarize the things we learned so [...]

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Find in Mom’s Garden

The beautiful weather (AGAIN!) this weekend resulted in spending some time in the backyard at my parent’s house, and I saw the most adorable flowers: Mini Daffodils!                   How cute are these? I totally didn’t know they came in miniature size. Another interesting fact, that I was [...]

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Introducing the Community Garden – Year 2 (2011)

So you saw our lessons learned for 2010, and we actually remembered to apply most of those! The next year, 2011, we had proven ourselves at the garden, and we were upgraded to a full plot, more than twice the size of the first year (25′x35′). This is a nice section of land, lots of [...]

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Plant that seed!

I found this great website that sells every seed imaginable. After being limited to the Home Depot selection, this seemed like a dream come true. After I had about 20 different seeds in the shopping cart, I realized I had a problem.  This blog has been feeding a growing obsession that I haven’t figured [...]

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Community Garden – Lessons Learned Y1 (2010)

While I continue to track down the pictures from Year 2 community garden, and it hangs in my draft posts, I wanted to share my lessons learned from the first year that I posted on Facebook in 2010. Since not everyone I know is on Facebook, and the Notes section is not well advertised on [...]

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