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August Garden Humor

It’s almost fall… that makes me happy! It’s also almost the first frost and the end of garden season… that makes me sad! Oh well…I guess I can start planning for next year soon! Q: Why did the gardener need a cork? A:  His garden sprung a leek. HAHAHA! Our leeks are just about ready to be [...]

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I just wanted to take a minute and say that I’m so excited for fall, and I’m hoping we have a good winter this year, too. Although I enjoyed the early start this year getting my garden on late Feb/early March, I didn’t know what it would cost me. The bugs this year were out [...]

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Mexican Bean Beetles

Our string bean leaves have been eaten, thanks to the the little yellow larvae of the Mexican Bean Beetles. Luckily, they don’t seem to eat the actual beans! We were still able to harvest quite a bit. I got another 2-3 cups this weekend before I ripped the skeletons out and sent them to the [...]

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Pumpkin fail

As I wrote a few posts ago about the cucumber plants dying, I realized the EXACT same thing happened to our pumpkin, only we originally thought we stepped on it by accident or something. It was growing really well, then, all of a sudden… DEAD! The vines shriveled up leaving two orphan pumpkins to turn orange [...]

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Herb of the Week – Double Feature – Regular & Garlic Chives!

Trying to get back in the swing of things, I wanted to try to cover some lost ground with my herbs of the week and try a double feature. Ok, so they are both technically chives, but they are definitely each worth a look! I LOVE chives! I’m actually surprised I went this long without [...]

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Morning Glory!

I tried planting some Morning Glory in my hanging basket with some German Chamomile. The German Chamomile didn’t do so hot in the hanging basket, but the Morning Glory climbed up the hanger and along the Shepherd’s hook that holds it. I really like the Morning Glory a lot, but this one only seems to bloom about [...]

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Zinnias, Hooray!

The zinnias have been doing amazing in the garden… and they are so bright and beautiful I love cutting them for my table. I only planted 4 plants (granted, a few seeds per ‘spot’), so I wasn’t expecting that many flowers, but I have plenty! I’m definitely growing these every year from now on. Only [...]

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Busy as a bee…

OK, I’m so far behind on my herb of the week and lacking for posts in general, it’s just pathetic. Between the business trip to Germany, work, vacation to Vermont, (mini) vacation to Ocean City, NJ / Atlantic City, turning 30 (Holy crap! still not ready to accept it!) surrounded by my loved ones, cleaning [...]

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