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July Garden Humor

In honor of one of our best garden producers (and my stomach, which in the past has caused me problems): What vegetable can tie your stomach in knots?  String beans! Haha! Happy August!

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Truly Mammoth Sunflowers!

Ah! Almost a week between posts and I missed the herb of the week this week. I will have to make up for it this Friday! Anyway, so much has been going on in the garden (no thanks to me, thank Mother Nature!), so I needed to post. I showed a few weeks ago that [...]

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Cut & Come Back Zinnias

Over the past few years, my love for fresh cut flowers in a vase on the table has grown, but I still cannot bring myself to spend tons of money on flower arrangements. In fact, on special occasions when flowers are called for, my husband knows that if he spends more than $20 (and that’s [...]

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Herb of the Week – Lemon Verbena

I wanted to continue the citrus trend from last week’s post. Lemon Verbena is a cool herb I read about that I came across during one of the flower searches earlier this year. I ended up getting it for free with a coupon (SWEET!). It is really not a super well known herb, but it [...]

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Tomatoes, and Sunflowers, and Beans, Oh My

My wonderful husband has been tending to the garden in my absence (just so we are clear, he does tend even if I am in the country), and he sent me some pics from the garden yesterday. It looks fabulous. Can’t wait to check it out when I get back!

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Mystery Flower

Ok, 3 years in, and our yard is still full of surprises. This year, we noticed sword shaped leaves popping up in an arc pattern that neither me or my husband remember from previous years. We let it go, partly out of laziness, partly out of curiosity, and I’m sure glad we did. Look what popped [...]

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German Chamomile

By the time this posts, I should be in Germany enjoying some delicious bread and wurst for lunch. I’ll be there this week for work. I think it is now appropriate to share that my German Chamomile has flowers! Sehr schön.    

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Herb of the Week – Lemon Basil

Just this year, I discovered this phenomenal smelling herb at my favorite local garden center – Condursos. I love regular basil, but then mix it with lemon and you have a little piece of heaven. Seriously, it smells that good. The lemon scent is actually caused by the same chemical that is in real lemons. It resembles [...]

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Happy 4th of July!

Can’t think of anything clever for today, so hope everyone has a great day! We are heading to a bbq, and bringing mojitos made with the mint I’ve been yapping about so much, here and here (and also Orange Mint, which I plan to feature soon). I hope they are delicious! Happy American Independence day!

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Squish squash

I have tried to have a few posts NOT about squash, but I just keep coming back to them. THEY ARE TAKING OVER! Seriously, though, what’s up with this Largo squash and the bulb? I’m really interested to see what it looks like inside. The left and middle squashes are Largos, and the squash to [...]

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