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I’ve compiled a list of the things I’d like to grow, that I’ve either tried and failed, or seem so elusive, I don’t have the courage yet to try. В As I learn more, my goal is to start to incorporate and update into these into my garden, and, of course, I’m sure the list will expand, too.


The Elite Status Commentary
Crocuses Not tried Starting bulbs are intimidating to me, and I never line up remembering to plant them with when I’m supposed to plant them.
Tulips Not tried See response to “Crocuses”.
Mums Not tried See response to “Crocuses”.
Chamomile Not tried I just recently decided I wanted to grow this, I haven’t really done research yet.
Shitake Mushrooms Not tried I saw an advertisement in the area recently for a Shitake innoculated log. This sounds like the epitome of growing awesome stuff. I really need to do a lot more research on this though. Eating a fungus that I did not purchase from a supermarket will be very scary for me, and I’d need all the confidence I could get.
Asparagus Sort of tried & Failed Last year, our garden neighbor gave us 2 asparagus roots to plant, they unfortunately didn’t survive the transplant between gardens.I really love asparagus, so I’d really like to figure this out. There are two challenges with this: You need to wait 2В  years to actually eat your asparagus after a successful plant, plus, you need a lot of space to grow a full serving of asparagus.
Rose Bush Sort of tried/not tried We have some variety of rose bush in our yard, but I’ve been scared to try anything with it, and now, it looks terrible and lanky. I finally looked it up, and it needs to be pruned. I’ll report back after I prune.I’d like to plant another (and different variety) rose bush somewhere else on the property. Until I prove I don’t kill the other one with my pruning efforts, I’m not ready to try this.
Garlic Tried & Failed We tried growing this in the garden the first year, we got little sprouts, but they didn’t grow into full garlic bulbs.
Onions (Full Sized) Tried & Failed Same story as the garlic, we tried growing them, they grew sprouts, but still just stayed as little onions.
Watermelon Tried & Failed We tried this last year, and the plant did not grow to be much bigger than a foot before it died. I think it needs a lot more room, and should not be next to something that can easily over power it. I think we are going to try again this year.
Carrots Tried & Failed We’ve tried these two years in a row.
*Year 1 – Planted seeds in nice rows, they spouted, and we forgot to thin them. Result: carrots that grew into one another, looked discolored, and were just plain scary.
*Year 2 – Planted seeds in nice rows, they sprouted, we thinned. Result: carrots that grew into one another, looked discolored, and were just plain scary.
What’s up with that?!
Echinacea Tried & Failed I don’t think these are hard to grow, but I tried last year, and something ate it as soon as it sprouted. I’ll try again eventually when I figure out better critter control.
Strawberries Tried & Failed These are supposed to be easy I think, too, but in the last few years I’ve bought at least 3, and had different issues:
*One plant died before it got big enough for fruit
*One plant grew strawberries, but they were very small and not very good
*One plant would get nice strawberry, and a critter would steal it the day it would have been perfectly red!
I’ll probably get another one this year, and see how it goes. Strawberries are so delicious, I’m not sure I’ll ever give up.

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  1. Rachel - March 5, 2012

    Neat…. This is great company for roses… they are in TX and have a HUGE variety and the coolest part… they have a detailed description of where the roses will grow, zones, climate, sun requirements and details of the rose itself – background and all. Very neat! Little expensive to ship, but good company that really does guarantee their roses (one I bought didn’t make it and they sent a new one). Beck and I got the roses in Gram and Aunt Linda’s yard along the back fence from them too, they are beautiful. :)

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