Pumpkin fail

As I wrote a few posts ago about the cucumber plants dying, I realized the EXACT same thing happened to our pumpkin, only we originally thought we stepped on it by accident or something. It was growing really well, then, all of a sudden… DEAD! The vines shriveled up leaving two orphan pumpkins to turn orange [...]

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Storm in Morris County

Sunday, my husband & I were at Rockaway mall when a crazy storm came out of nowhere — knocking out the power in the mall (while I was in a dressing room — luckily emergency lights came on in less than 2 seconds) and flooding the parking lot. Here is a video my husband made. [...]

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Spring has almost completely sprung!

As the days get longer, we are nearing the summer solstice, and spring is almost over! I have a lot of ‘spring’ posts still to write so I should really get crackin! It’s also probable that some of those posts will be slightly outdated with the pretty flowers in the pictures actually laying as puddles [...]

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Rain Rain Go Away

I’ve had a few negative posts recently, and I thought maybe it was my typical pessimistic attitude showing its ugly head. However, this time, I realized, it’s not my fault! I blame the weather. Look at this terrible forecast: I know rain is good, but I think we’ve had enough for a few days and [...]

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ugh. I caught the plant lice, otherwise known as Aphids. I added some petunia seedlings to a hanging basket in the front yard. They were doing well, until this week, when I noticed (well, my husband noticed, and alerted me) that there were little green bugs on the leaves. These little jerks are HIGHLY destructive, [...]

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Another reason why I was always wear garden gloves… And this isn’t even the worst of them. At least he doesn’t bite or sting!

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