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June Garden Humor

My trowel has become one of my most useful garden tools…therefore: New gardeners learn by by trowel and error. SO TRUE! Holy crap, it’s July tomorrow! Where has the time gone?

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Herb of the Week – Dragon’s-Wort (Tarragon)

Ok, I was going to wait till Halloween season to use Tarragon (because seriously, it’s also called DRAGON’S-WORT!) but I realized I don’t have enough weekly herbs to make it that far into fall, and frankly, I’m a little disappointed in my tarragon overall, and I’m not sure it’s going to be around that much [...]

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Hello Mr. Sunflower!

This is our first Mammoth Sunflower blooming. It’s very cute, even though it didn’t turn out to be very ‘mammoth’, at about 3′ high (the seed packet said 8′ to 12′). I think it was in the transfer pot for too long. We have some others growing directly in the ground from seed that will hopefully [...]

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First Harvest!

1 italiano largo squash and 1 sure thing zucchini!

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Herb of the Week – Lavender

Over the past week, the pretty lavender flowers have bloomed in the garden. This is another gem leftover from the previous owners, with two lavender plants on the rocky hill in our backyard. The deer stay away from them, and they attract lots of bumble bees. The purple flowers grow on long spikes separate from [...]

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Ok, maybe I should have named this site squashthis?

I’ve had so many posts about squash, it may be getting a bit out of control, but I love them. They are finally starting to look like the NJ squash I’ve come to know and love. Also, for those of you paying attention to detail (it’s OK if you missed this), I actually made a [...]

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Happy Longest Day!

I love spring. I do not love summer. In fact, some might say I despise it. It’s hot, and humid, and bugs tend to get a little ridiculous. I don’t get the summers off anymore, so what good are they? The seasons should just go from Spring to Fall. Therefore, I’m not celebrating summer itself [...]

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Peonies. Peonies. I think ‘peonies’ is one of the words you only have to say a few times and it starts to sound funny. Either way, the flowers themselves are GORGEOUS (well, when they first bloom, not when they are puddle of petals, like they are now). We have a few peony bushes in our [...]

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Happy Father’s Day!

I have a pretty great Dad, so I couldn’t neglect him on my blog for Father’s day (even though he doesn’t read my blog, but hopefully, my Mom will at least mention it to him). He isn’t a herb or flower kind of guy, so I need to get a little creative on what I [...]

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Poppies! Poppies will put them to sleeeeep…

The wicked witch knew what she was talking about. Poppies are known in many cultures to symbolize sleep or death (or can make you high I guess, I’m sure you’ve heard of opium, right?). It might be because these pretty flowers are poisonous. However, I have lots of herbs and veggies to keep our household nourished, [...]

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