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Farmers Almanac – Who knew?

My grandfather, “Opa”, loved getting the farmer’s almanac every year for his b-day. Turns out, there is actually some very useful info in it, and it’s available online! For instance… you can put in your city / state here and it will give you the dates when you should sprout/plant common garden vegetables based on your [...]

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The second pumpkin plant (the vine that traveled up the fence)is actually still going, and the pumpkin is still in OK condition. Hopefully we can get to it in the next day or so before critters start to eat it, and it might actually make it to Halloween!

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Weed identifier… thank you Pinterest

A few posts back I mentioned Pinterest. I resisted for awhile, but now, I can’t get enough, and there is an entire section just dedicated to gardening. I was perusing and found a ‘Top 30 Weed Identifier’ – WOW! I have seen just about all of them at the garden this summer! There is one, [...]

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Second Planting Fail

The last two years, we realize that there is time for a second planting for some plants. We still have yet to try this. MAYBE I can still get an arugula planting in. The leaves go well into fall / frost season, and since the bugs destroyed them in the hot weather, maybe we’ll get some [...]

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Pumpkin fail

As I wrote a few posts ago about the cucumber plants dying, I realized the EXACT same thing happened to our pumpkin, only we originally thought we stepped on it by accident or something. It was growing really well, then, all of a sudden… DEAD! The vines shriveled up leaving two orphan pumpkins to turn orange [...]

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Zinnias, Hooray!

The zinnias have been doing amazing in the garden… and they are so bright and beautiful I love cutting them for my table. I only planted 4 plants (granted, a few seeds per ‘spot’), so I wasn’t expecting that many flowers, but I have plenty! I’m definitely growing these every year from now on. Only [...]

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Truly Mammoth Sunflowers!

Ah! Almost a week between posts and I missed the herb of the week this week. I will have to make up for it this Friday! Anyway, so much has been going on in the garden (no thanks to me, thank Mother Nature!), so I needed to post. I showed a few weeks ago that [...]

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Cut & Come Back Zinnias

Over the past few years, my love for fresh cut flowers in a vase on the table has grown, but I still cannot bring myself to spend tons of money on flower arrangements. In fact, on special occasions when flowers are called for, my husband knows that if he spends more than $20 (and that’s [...]

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Tomatoes, and Sunflowers, and Beans, Oh My

My wonderful husband has been tending to the garden in my absence (just so we are clear, he does tend even if I am in the country), and he sent me some pics from the garden yesterday. It looks fabulous. Can’t wait to check it out when I get back!

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Baby Pumpkin!

Last year (our first year on the plot we have now in the community garden), we got a surprise pumpkin that grew along the fence. We knew SOMETHING was growing, but we didn’t know what. It grew up the fence, and we got an elongated pumpkin out of it! We dried and vacuum packed some [...]

July 2, 2012 · Sheryl · 2 Comments
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