Plant that seed!

I found this great website that sells every seed imaginable. After being limited to the Home Depot selection, this seemed like a dream come true.
After I had about 20 different seeds in the shopping cart, I realized I had a problem. В This blog has been feeding a growing obsession that I haven’t figured out the limits for yet. I’m very excited to grow things and share it with the world (I think still mostly my nearest & dearest — thanks guys!) but need to realize there are limits and I have no intention of turning my house into a green house and my yard into a fully functioning farm — and even those have space (and time) limits.
Time to really assess the space I have, the seeds I’ve already purchased, the amount of time I have, and start to focus on how to best utilize them.
I did purchase some vinca seeds to grow, but that’s it!
And, also, an exciting new herb I heard about called Lovage — but really, that’s it!

March 16, 2012 В· Sheryl В· No Comments
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