The second pumpkin plant (the vine that traveled up the fence)is actually still going, and the pumpkin is still in OK condition. Hopefully we can get to it in the next day or so before critters start to eat it, and it might actually make it to Halloween!

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Second Planting Fail

The last two years, we realize that there is time for a second planting for some plants. We still have yet to try this. MAYBE I can still get an arugula planting in. The leaves go well into fall / frost season, and since the bugs destroyed them in the hot weather, maybe we’ll get some [...]

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August Garden Humor

It’s almost fall… that makes me happy! It’s also almost the first frost and the end of garden season… that makes me sad! Oh well…I guess I can start planning for next year soon! Q: Why did the gardener need a cork? A:  His garden sprung a leek. HAHAHA! Our leeks are just about ready to be [...]

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Mexican Bean Beetles

Our string bean leaves have been eaten, thanks to the the little yellow larvae of the Mexican Bean Beetles. Luckily, they don’t seem to eat the actual beans! We were still able to harvest quite a bit. I got another 2-3 cups this weekend before I ripped the skeletons out and sent them to the [...]

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Busy as a bee…

OK, I’m so far behind on my herb of the week and lacking for posts in general, it’s just pathetic. Between the business trip to Germany, work, vacation to Vermont, (mini) vacation to Ocean City, NJ / Atlantic City, turning 30 (Holy crap! still not ready to accept it!) surrounded by my loved ones, cleaning [...]

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July Garden Humor

In honor of one of our best garden producers (and my stomach, which in the past has caused me problems): What vegetable can tie your stomach in knots?  String beans! Haha! Happy August!

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Tomatoes, and Sunflowers, and Beans, Oh My

My wonderful husband has been tending to the garden in my absence (just so we are clear, he does tend even if I am in the country), and he sent me some pics from the garden yesterday. It looks fabulous. Can’t wait to check it out when I get back!

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Squish squash

I have tried to have a few posts NOT about squash, but I just keep coming back to them. THEY ARE TAKING OVER! Seriously, though, what’s up with this Largo squash and the bulb? I’m really interested to see what it looks like inside. The left and middle squashes are Largos, and the squash to [...]

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Baby Pumpkin!

Last year (our first year on the plot we have now in the community garden), we got a surprise pumpkin that grew along the fence. We knew SOMETHING was growing, but we didn’t know what. It grew up the fence, and we got an elongated pumpkin out of it! We dried and vacuum packed some [...]

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First Harvest!

1 italiano largo squash and 1 sure thing zucchini!

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