Happy Father’s Day!

I have a pretty great Dad, so I couldn’t neglect him on my blog for Father’s day (even though he doesn’t read my blog, but hopefully, my Mom will at least mention it to him). He isn’t a herb or flower kind of guy, so I need to get a little creative on what I could do here…

I got it!

Of course, my dad is a Sports Dad. At least he was until my sister & I grew up and stopped playing sports. But while growing up, he never missed a game or meet, ever. Although basketball was our the main sport, there was a brief number of years where we played softball, too! I remember using his childhood baseball mitt once I grew out of my first softball mitt. It was cooler and way more broken in. What do they have at baseball games? Sunflower seeds! Yes, this year, we are growing our own sunflowers to hopefully harvest hundreds of seeds!

I tried growing a few indoors, but only 1 made it through the attack of the critters while waiting to get in the garden. The rest, we just planted from seeds last weekend directly inside the fence. Hopefully we’ll get at least a few full size sunflowers before the summer is over.

Ok, I guess that was a little bit of a reach, but seriously, couldn’t get much else from what is in the garden. Oh well. Happy Father’s day to all the great Dad’s out there! Even the ones who aren’t into gardening!

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