Weed identifier… thank you Pinterest

A few posts back I mentioned Pinterest. I resisted for awhile, but now, I can’t get enough, and there is an entire section just dedicated to gardening.

I was perusing and found a ‘Top 30 Weed Identifier’ – WOW! I have seen just about all of them at the garden this summer! There is one, the bane of my existence, that grows through the weedblock, and sticks you even through garden gloves. I’m constantly removing it, and I had no idea what is was. UNTIL NOW!



This is Canadian Thistle. It is terrible. It’s a perennial herb, and the root system gets everywhere, which explains why it keeps coming back after pulling, and even through the weedblock. We need to dig a little deeper for those roots, and maybe next year we will see the end of them!

September 12, 2012 В· Sheryl В· No Comments
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