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So this is the longest break between posts so far. Sorry, pretty busy the last week. I have been doing some gardening — cleaning up & weeding the flower beds, did some sprouting & transplanting (I took some pictures for a later post) — though not as much as I wanted to.

Turns out, researching plants are not really as easy as I thought (still don’t know the name of the purple ground cover), and I’ve already caught a few mistakes I’ve made, so I want to set the record straight.

1) The Early Spring Post – Red Maples don’t flower. The trees that I love so much that produce pink flowers in spring, and dark red leaves summer into fall are actually ornamental plum or pear trees.

2) Hydrangea – It’s actually doing quite well after the pruning. Maybe its just really resilient, or maybe it needed to be pruned so badly that it didn’t matter what time it was pruned (all the websites I’ve read said fall, if at all). I’ll have to post pictures, soon.

We are closing in on the peak planting weekends, so hopefully I’ll have some updates on the community garden very soon! We really need to get the squash plants in the ground asap — I’m now worried they will be stunted because they are already flowering, but don’t look to be as big as they should in their terracotta pots. We absolutely do not need to plant them so early next year!

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